Vitamin Injections

Vitamins are known for their health and beauty benefits, and they are now being used in the cosmetics industry to produce healthier, more effective products.

Vitamin C injections

Vitamin C Injections deliver pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid) directly into the bloodstream via a drip or injection. Since IV and IM supplements directly enter the bloodstream, they are absorbed better and are more suitable for individuals with sensitive stomachs.

Biotin Beauty Injections

Biotin can be taken in a tablet form or given intramuscularly as an injection Many supplements and vitamins are not completely absorbed by our bodies through ingestion and thus instramusclauar biotin injection has been helpful in increasing biotin levels faster in patients.


B12 Boosters

Vitamin B12 is found naturally in our bodies and is vital for our adequate functioning, defending us against problematic health issues. Vitamin B12 deficiencies can affect the way in which our bodies use valuable energy, too. Stress, fatigue, and reduced physical energy levels are common side effects of a vitamin B12 deficiency.

IV Infusion Therapy

IV Recharge is the administration of IV Fluids with the options of added vitamins. It is used for adding hydration, improving mood, boosting your immune system and anti-aging. It can also help with muscle recovery, nausea and overall wellbeing.