PRP Vampire Facial Treatment

PRP Vampire FacialPRP Vampire Facial

Not as scary as it sounds! The vampire facial, or platelet rich plasma therapy, is a facial treatment that uses your body’s natural healing ability to encourage growth and regeneration in your skin. Vampire facial treatment is an effective procedure for those who have any premature wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes, sun damaged skin and acne scarring.

The process involves taking a blood sample from which the platelets in the sample are separated to be used as a facial treatment. Platelets are rich in growth factors that encourage your collagen to grow and regenerate tissue. They are also antioxidising and hydrating, making them an effective, natural facial treatment! Once separated, the platelets are made into a thin plasma that is transferred into your skin through micro needling into the targeted areas of the face. We are also able to inject the plasma around the eyes, to further achieve a plumper and more hydrated look to your skin. The result of the procedure is smoother and tighter skin, giving you a more fresh and youthful look.

The vampire facial treatment has a number of advantages over other cosmetic treatments, including being more affordable and less painful. And because the ingredients of the PRP vampire facial are from your own body, there is virtually no risk of allergic reaction. The procedure for the vampire facelift is minimally invasive and the treatment typically takes between 30 minutes to an hour depending on how much of your skin is being treated.

Where can I find the vampire facial near me?

At Skinique Aesthetics, all of our team are highly qualified to perform a wide variety of beauty treatments including cavitation treatment, facials, teeth whitening and more. With our help, you will leave our salon feeling fresher and more confident that you ever have! We offer our vampire facial in Manchester where our clinic is based, so simply call in or complete our online contact form to book a free consultation or to discuss any of our treatments further with us.

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