Microneedling Genosys Dermafix in Manchester

Effects of Genosys

Due to the protective function of the skin barrier and the big molecular size of cosmetic ingredients, most of the ingredients are wasted on the surface of your skin. To solve this problem, DERMAFIX generates micro channels, which provides the pathways for the ingredients to penetrate in to skin. Moreover, natural healing force of skin is activated to cure the micro wounds made during this process, leading to natural collagen induction.

What to expect during treatment?

  • Depending on the needle length, mild pricking sensation or pain and discomfort can be experienced.
  • In the case of medical-grade length, prior to treatment a topical anaesthetic should be applied. You should ask what kind of anaesthetic will be used and should inform the practitioner in case that you are allergic against the type of anaesthetic product.


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