Dermaquest Treatment

Here at Skinique Aesthetics, we are delighted to be able to offer our customers a wide selection of Dermaquest skin care products. We are exclusive Dermaquest stockists, enabling us to offer you skin care products you will struggle to find anywhere else on the high street.

What is Dermaquest?

Dermaquest is a top international skin care brand that has been around since 1999. They are leaders in plant stem cell technology and are known for their advanced delivery systems and unique layering technology, which makes their products easy to absorb and use in combination.

What products do they have?

Dermaquest’s innovative range of skin care products is suitable for treating a diverse range of skin problems including acne, ageing skin, dry skin and pigmentation damage. Whether you are looking for a daily cleanser, a hydration serum or protection from the sun, Dermaquest skin care products are sure to deliver the treatment that your skin deserves.

Just a few of the best-selling Dermaquest skin care products include its Essential B5 Hydrating Serum, Peptide Glyco Cleanser, Essential Daily Cleanser and it’s Sheerzinc SPF 30 cream which offers excellent sun protection for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

We are especially proud to stock Dermaquest’s home care kits which offer great savings on buying their products from us individually. These kits include:

Essential Starter Kit

This all-rounder kit is great for people learning how to take care of their skin or only concerned with the basics. This kit includes an Essential Daily Cleanser, an Essential B5 Hydrating Serum to hydrate your skin, a moisturising cream and a Factor 30 sun blocker to protect your skin from the sun.

Age Defense Kit

This collection of anti-ageing products is excellent at making your skin look well-nourished and restoring its natural youth. This kit includes a Peptide Glyco Cleanser to give your skin a healthy glow, an essential B5 hydrating serum to replenish moisture levels, and SunArmor SPF50 to protect your skin against the sun’s rays.

Acne Management Kit

This powerful kit of Dermaquest skin care products will help you free your skin from spots and other blemishes. In this kit you can find a DermaClear cleanser to exfoliate your skin, B5 Moisture Matte to soften your skin, a Dermaclear Serum to prevent your pores from getting clogged, and a Factor 30 sun blocker.

Pigment Control Kit

This comprehensive collection of Dermaquest skin care products is designed to even up your skin tone and brighten your complexion. This includes a SkinBrite Facial Cleanser to balance your skin tone, a SkinBrite cream and a Factor 30 sun blocker.

How can you help?

As Dermaquest stockists our highly qualified and experienced practitioners are able to offer a comprehensive range of treatments using Dermaquest skin care products. We are delighted to offer our customers personalised and confidential advice about which Dermaquest products might be right for you. This can be done with a thorough skin analysis on consultation to see what would suit you best.

On your request, we can also perform in-clinic skin peels using some of Dermaquest’s excellent skin peels. Just a few of the peels we can treat you within our clinic include TCA/Salicyclic peel, hibiscus flower mandelic peel and their Skinbrite peel.

Please contact us today via our enquiry form to set up a free consultation where we can discuss your needs fully and explain more about Dermaquest’s skin care products.

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