Cosmetic Dermal Fillers

What’s Facial Dermal Fillers all about?

Dermal fillers treatments involve injections into the skin to fill in lines, wrinkles, scaring, or to improve the contours of your face. This beauty treatment is extremely effective and has been tried by many satisfied customers. Rather than going under the knife for cosmetic surgery, you can improve your skin tone and elasticity with a simple course of treatments by our experts who are fully qualified in the field.

The changes that take place when we age, make dermal fillers the perfect choice. The proverb, ‘beauty is only skin deep’ is not really the case. As we age our bone structure also changes, and muscle tone slackens. So, any adjustments to our skin needs to take these added points into perspective. Semi-Permanent dermal fillers are absorbed by the body, so overtime they will wear off and another course of cosmetic dermal fillers can then be applied. Dermal fillers replace the collagen from your skin that is lost over time. This aging process causes the bounce and firmness in your face to diminish, losing its volume that gives it its shape.

What areas can it work on?

We provide dermal fillers for forehead lines, dermal fillers for frown lines, and anti-wrinkle dermal fillers. We use a range of products to suit every client’s specific needs. These include; juvaderm, restylane and revolax. Any scaring can also be improved over a course of cosmetic dermal filler treatments. It is important to us and equally important to you, that you choose an injection team and beauty company that you feel confident with. This is because the procedure is still an intrusive procedure, considering it involves subcutaneous injection directly into the skin. This involves the top layer of dermal tissue. We, therefore, encourage you to research any procedure you are interested in and would welcome any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us!

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