Botox cosmetic treatment, administered as facial injections, are well known in the world of beauty therapy. Although they are predominately used for facial enhancement, the fact is that since its approval it has also been used in other surgical procedures including collapsed muscles deep inside the body.

Botox comes from a substance that encourages localised muscle paralysis. The modified dose of this chemical is administered as anti-wrinkle injections on damaged areas of the facial tissue to decrease wrinkle damage, lines and creases, and scars. The Botox treatment works by making the muscle under the damaged area relax, giving it time to recover, reversing the ageing process of years of indentation caused by repeated muscle movement.

How much does Botox cost?

We offer high quality professional Botox injection procedures in the Manchester area as a team qualified to administer injections. In order to ensure you receive the best service available, it would not be wise to go for the cheapest option. However, we offer a service that puts you at the heart of the service we provide. We do this by taking into account what it is you wish to achieve, as well as costing issues.

You will also need to take into consideration, when calculating the cost of this anti-wrinkle treatment, how long the effects of each session lasts, and whether you require or desire future appointments. You should see the positive effects of Botox around three days after your procedure. The benefits can last up to four months after your Botox treatment for wrinkles, scars and lines. It is a legal requirement to be seen by a nurse prescriber or doctor first prior to treatment which will be arranged by ourselves.

Other procedures involving injection fillers include dermal fillers. For more information on this beauty treatment, please see the relevant pages on our website.

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